Going Goalward

Sometime this spring I decided that I wanted to start a blog (as you can see, I’m a bit of a procrastinator). It was after watching the movie Julie & Julia that the idea came to me. I really related to how Julie felt in the beginning of the film; she says something about never following through on her goals, and that is a problem I have myself. I have a very hard time getting myself to be motivated and stay motivated about things. I’ve noticed that I tend to follow through more often when someone else knows about a goal I’ve made for myself. So I thought that maybe if I have a blog, that I know can be read by anyone, and I use it to talk about my goals it might help me.

Not all of my goals are going to be big, some of them will be very small, because what I really want is to get in the habit of accomplishing my goals no matter how big or small they are.

One thing I’ve tried doing before, but wasn’t diligent about sticking to, is keeping a journal. So, my first goal is to update my blog at least once a week. Right now I’m not accustomed to putting my thoughts into words/writing, so I’m not going to worry about how long or short my posts are, I just have to write something every week.

Do you have goal that you’ve been putting off?

If so, I encourage you to give it another try!

Until next week,

Dare Right