I Have Promises to Keep

I used to volunteer in a Sunday school class at a church I was going to with my sister. I had volunteered there for several years, but I decided to stop in the summer of 2009, because my sister decided to switch churches and I hadn’t made any connections at the church, so I didn’t feel any need to keep going there.

My dog Monty

The kids in my class were so sweet! They were second graders, and some of the greatest kids you could ever find. On one of the last Sundays that I taught class there I took my Yorkie Monty to visit the kids. The kids loved him! Before the end of class I took pictures of the kids with Monty. The next Sunday one of the little girls asked if I had brought the pictures with me. I told her that I still needed to get them developed, but I would send them to her in the mail soon.

It’s now been over a year and I still haven’t sent them their pictures. I feel awful about it. How could I let those kids down like that?

If the saying “better late than never” is true, and I believe it is, then I should still send them their pictures.

And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

I don’t want to let another week to go by without having sent those photos. So this week I am going to write each of those kids a note and mail them their pictures.

I hope they’ll be pleased even though it did take me far too long to send them. It could turn out to be a fun Christmas time surprise for them.


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