Remind Me Again, Linus, What Is Christmas All About?

Christmas is coming up fast and like last year and the year before that I am completely stressed out. My mom always worries a lot about gifts during the Christmas season, which makes me feel guilty, stressed for her, and sometimes it makes me want to just skip gifts altogether.

I’m not going to lie, I love receiving gifts (and I love giving them, too). And although we have already purchased gifts for this Christmas, I wonder… Would Christmas really be so bad if, for even one Christmas to come, we chose to forgo the gifts?

How much stress would we save ourselves?

How much more time would we spend thinking about what Christmas is really about?

Wouldn’t we still enjoy the holiday season with all the Christmas music playing, the delicious holiday food, and the company of loved ones?

Yes, having gifts is fun. But gifts aren’t everything.

I think now would be the appropriate time, Linus.

I am dedicating this post to my mom in hopes that someday she’ll realize that nothing she could buy me would ever make me love her more. Because, although I can be really mean and angry sometimes, I love her more than she knows. If I could have my pick of moms in the world, I’d choose her every time. Spending time with her is my favorite Christmas gift every year.

I love you, Mom.


8 thoughts on “Remind Me Again, Linus, What Is Christmas All About?

  1. I *feel* the collective stress of women at this time of year because it seems to have fallen roundly on our shoulders to make it the once-a-year perfect picture postcard event. I wish it wasn’t so because when all is said and done, all that really matters is to have a day together with those we love, all the rest is just window dressing.

    • I agree. Window dressing is great, just as long as we make sure to keep it fun and not let it become a chore. And if it’s becoming a chore, that’s probably a sign that we should cut back a bit.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jayne!

  2. I so totally agree, and often wonder the same thing! The commercialization has all but taken over Christmas. You appear wise beyond your years… and I’m sure your mom loves this quality. I always get teary-eyed whenever I watch this video – and it fits perfectly with your topic. Excellent post, Dare Right!

    • I often get teary-eyed when I watch this part of A Charlie Brown Christmas, too. It’s so heartwarming!
      Thank you so much for your flattering comments, Bonnie, and thanks for reading!

  3. I enjoyed reading your message, well written, even if it is a year old! I always enjoy Charlie Brown and Linus’ perspective on things. Thank you!

    I wrote too about this subject last week in light of the retailer’s zeal for “celebrating” the holiday even before we’ve had an opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving. A little more light-hearted than your own, but i believe we think much alike. I hope you’ll check it out and that your mom is doing well.

    “Dashing Through the Dough or Rethinking Christmas”

    • Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been keeping up with the old blog lately.

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And thanks for sharing your post with me, I really enjoyed it!

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