I’ve Got to Have a Plan, Jeeves!

My roughly sketched plan for the year is as follows…

1. Practice driving a lot.

I haven’t kept up with the driving goal I set for myself, so now I am going to try to start thinking of practicing my driving as my job for the next few months.

2. Buy my first car!

3. Get my driver’s license by May, if possible.

4. Go on a trip with friends.

I will be going on a trip with friends in May, and we will be driving to our hours-away-destination. This will be my first time going on a road trip where I actually have to help with the driving, which is part of the reason I want to get my license by May.

5. Apply for jobs. (EEK!!!)

I’ve been pet-sitting for years now (since I was 12), I had a summer job at a farm last year, and now I am ready to take the next step and look for a job that will be a little more long-term.

6. Get a job. (I hope!)

7. Start college classes. (Once again, EEK!!!)

8. When/if things don’t go according to plan, don’t freak out.


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