Versatile Blogger Award

Well, I am a few days late for my Post a Week commitment. I think I should really write a couple of posts each week so that I can save some up for future weeks. Right now I’ve just been writing one post at a time, and that doesn’t work so well on busier weeks. Plus, I will be leaving for a trip to Branson, Missouri this Saturday, and I need to have a post ready this week that I can schedule to publish during my trip.

On to the main topic.

I am so excited that I’ve received the “Versatile Blogger Award” from Cristina, the author of the blog 365 Days Photo Project. It’s always fun to be liked by people, but it’s especially nice for me to get this award from someone who I like so much! Thank you, Cristina!

The Award Rules:

If you win this award, you have to pass it on to 15 other “Versatile” bloggers (but there are so many) and contact each of them to let them know they won the award. Also, you have to share 7 facts about yourself, and thank and link the person who gave you the award.

Seven Facts You Didn’t Know About Dare Right:

1. I am a huge Bob Seger fan, and during the time that I was trying to decided on a name for my blog, I was listening to one of his CDs and found inspiration for my title in the lyrics of his song In Your Time. There is a verse in the song that says, “feel the wind, and set yourself the bolder course.” (You can check out the song here.)

2. I have always loved animals, I can’t imagine life without them. I currently have 3 cats, and 1 dog (a Yorkshire terrier).

3. I am generally an agreeable person, but I can get very angry when people are dishonest or mean to other people.

4. I love to laugh. (But then again, who doesn’t?)

5. I became a Christian when I was 4 years old.

6. I have always loved the idea of being a drinker of tea, but I have never really liked the taste of tea.

7. Talking to people over the phone makes me nervous, with the exception of talking to my mom or sister.

I Bestow the Versatile Blogger Award (in no particular order) to…

1. Cristina from 365 Days Photo ProjectWhat I love about Cristina’s blog is that I can see from her photos and words that she is a kind and positive person! Cristina shares a photo each day with us, and I enjoy seeing her creativity and hearing about her day.

2. Grown Man from You\’re a Grown Man  Grown Man’s blog is like his own personal advice column. He always has wise words to share with his readers, and best of all, he shares those bits of wisdom with humor! His advice is often just as good for women as it is for men. He has not been updating his blog over the last few months, but his past posts are sure to make you think and entertain you all at once.

3. M.J. from Thoughts from a Brown Paper Bag Girl – M.J. is a wonderfully eloquent writer! She has meaningful things to say. The way she writes about everyday experiences never fails to infuse me with wonder and inspiration. She inspires me to look at life in a more poetic way. 

4. Bonnie from Life of Bon Bonnie’s blog is, as you’d suspect by the title, about Bonnie’s life. I like Bonnie. I see her as a spunky, adventurous person, 2 things that I aspire to be. I really enjoy reading about her journeys and adventures, and enjoy reading her thoughts on life.

5. Leah from Uprooted Magnolia – It almost never fails that after viewing and reading one her posts, part of my heart wants to uproot myself, just like Leah did, and to Wyoming. I love the beautiful photographs she shares with us of the wide open prairies, distant mountains, ranch life, and the wild animals of the west. It is her photos and the way she describes life on a ranch that tugs at my heartstrings; I can feel the cowgirl hiding in my soul longing to break free.

6. Leslie from Coffee, Pearls, & Grace Leslie is a creative person, I like creative people. I always like what I read on her blog. I enjoy her blog because I like what she has to say, and the interests she has to share with us, and I often leave feeling inspired.

7. Tryityoumightlikeit from Try It You Might Like It This blogger is a wife, and mother of 2 kids, and according to her, her husband and kids are all picky eaters. She shares with us her adventures in trying new recipes. Her goal is to make trying new things a way of life for her family. So many of the recipes she cooks are just the kind of things I like to eat, so I always love to see what she cooks up next!

8. Kristen from Daily Bailey – Bailey is a cocker spaniel poodle mix, Kristen is his mom. Kristen lets us tag along for their adventures, and, boy, is it fun! I dare you to look deep into Bailey’s big, puppy-dog eyes and not melt! Whether they are out and about at a dog park, having a party with Bailey’s best buds to celebrate his birthday, or having a lazy day at home, I am always excited to see what Bailey’s been up to, and he always brings some extra joy into my day.

9. Dan from a LEGO a day Dan’s photos are creative and amusing. I always love it when the Inspector stops by to pay us a visit. The Inspector is very observant, just as he should be!

10. Petra from Zoom Yummy  I enjoy visiting Petra’s blog for the tasty recipes and crafty fun. Quite a creative gal that Petra. And she’s got a great name, too!

11. Sarah from Jettison2011 – Sarah has decided to jettison items that she no longer wants or needs to lighten her load. Her goal is one item a day. Visiting her blog inspires me to continue to jettison my own items that are weighing me down. Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah! 

12. Carol Ann from Cah4el\’s Blog Carol Ann often writes poetry about the Lord. Her poetry is a heartfelt reminder of what an awesome God we serve. I also love to read her posts about the happenings in her life. (I love her cat Shady, too!)

13. Jayne from AC\’s Scrapbook – One of my favorite thing about Jayne’s blog is her nature photography. She takes such beautiful photos of nature; they always brighten up a day! I also enjoy her thoughts on other subjects as well.

14. Leigh from Leigh Bakes I just discovered Leigh’s blog recently; she hasn’t had a new post since I found her, but while looking through her previous posts at the delicious recipes she has made, I could tell that I would love her blog. I look forward to her next entry!

15. Leanne from The ShortlistLeanne’s blog is a new discovery, also. She cooks and bakes a wide variety of foods, a lot of which looked extremely tasty to me. Being the lover of food that I am, I am sure I will be visiting her blog often!  

Congratulations, everyone, I hope you are pleased with your award! 😉

And to those of you who have taken part in my own blog journey, by way of reading and commenting, thank you!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

When it comes to photography, I’m probably as much of a novice as you can get, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying taking pictures! After seeing what the challenge was for this week, I thought it would be fun to take part, because I happened to have taken some photos that worked for the “light” theme just the other day.

It was March 30th when I looked out my bedroom window and saw snow gently falling from the sky. I was so excited! You see, I love snow. Always have, always will. I sat by my window for a minute to soak up the beauty before it was gone. It was a very light snow, so I didn’t think it would continue for long. And I certainly wasn’t expecting the lovely snow to stick to the ground. But it did! Later that day, when I took my dog Monty out for jaunt around the yard, the snow was heavier and falling faster to meet the ground below. I was so pleased that it was turning into a snow day, most likely our last of the season, so I took my camera out to capture the day.


I like seeing the change of color in the snow from white by day to blueish by night.



I love the look of snow when it rests ever so gently on branches.


I really liked the way the street light looks behind the tree branches.







I hope these brought a little bit of brightness into your day!