Starting Fresh!

Last year I said I was going to write a post a week. That didn’t happen. What did happen was I discovered that I really do enjoy writing.

Before I started blogging I usually only wrote when I needed to for school, to write thank-you notes, or to write to pen pals. I had always wanted to journal, but had only written in my journals a few times over the years, because all of the times that I decided to journal regularly it would slip my mind after a few days and I wouldn’t think to do it again for quite a while.

This time writing didn’t slip my mind. In fact, while I wasn’t blogging, I missed it. And even though I didn’t get back to blogging so that I could keep writing, I did do something else. I picked up my journal. Over the last few months, I’ve written in it more regularly than I ever have before, and I’ve loved doing it!

I have still missed writing here, too, though. I’ve also missed interacting with some of the bloggers I have met here on WordPress, because while I’ve been away from my own blog, I haven’t been keeping up with other blogs as much either. So, now I’m back.

And I’m starting fresh. I’m not planning on making any “post a day” or “post a week” promises this time around. I don’t want to feel disappointed if I haven’t kept up with a posting schedule. Instead, I’m going to try to find a writing groove that works well for me. I have a few topics picked out that I’d like write about each month, but I’m not going to worry about writing about those topics if there is something else that I would rather talk about, or if I just need a short blogging break for whatever reason. I don’t want to tie myself down with too many “rules” for my blog; I want it to be more free and spontaneous.

As I was thinking about getting back to my blog, and realized that I wanted to make a few changes, I decided to freshen things up with a new theme, an updated About page, and an added Recipes and Reviews page. I’ll also be adding another page or two soon.

I’m excited about these little changes, and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts here again!